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Vocal Isolator Wintergreen Updates

Today, Zerebrix, the experts in advanced audio technology, have released a major update to the company’s flagship product, the AudioMint Vocal Isolator. This update improves the vocal isolator on several fronts for the AudioMint and AudioRose desktop apps, and the AudioMint Mobile app.

Product Update December 19, 2022

Introducing AudioMint Mobile

Today, Zerebrix, the experts in advanced audio technology, announced the release of a mobile version of the company’s flagship product, AudioMint. Allowing all users to extract up to 60 seconds of audio per separation completely free of charge.

Product Release October 10, 2022

Introducing AudioRose

Today, Zerebrix, the experts in advanced audio technology, released AudioRose, a new product that sets the industry standard for audio isolation and separation.

Announcement December 4, 2021

AudioMint Vocal Remover Update

Today, Zerebrix, the experts in advanced audio technology, announced an update to its flagship product, AudioMint. AudioMint v. 1.13 updates the program’s vocal isolation algorithm to more seamlessly remove lingering reverb and echo from background tracks.

Product Update November 27, 2021



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Zerebrix, founded in 2021, produces audio and video editing software using handcrafted state of the art AI algorithms. Our goal is to enhance the lives of music producers, video editors, and audio engineers by giving them the tools necessary to produce professional quality work.

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To create audio and video editing software that pushes the boundaries of what is possible from both a technological and artistic perspective.

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Our researchers have a strong understanding of the inner workings of machine learning theory. We will use this knowledge to solve difficult problems with audio and video software using powerful machine learning algorithms which have yet to be published.

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To provide people with the tools necessary to solve the most difficult problems in both the audio and film industry. All while forming a strong community of musicians, producers, artists, and engineers alike.